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We’re Still Here! 

We’re Still Here! 

It’s amazing how a few weeks of not blogging, turned into a whole year. Whoops. As I type this, I’m using the keyboard on my phone, because our iPad is old and slow, and our laptop not much better…maybe even worse. I still find myself making mental notes through the day of things I want to post. Or Keira will suggest I post certain recipes. 

Anyway, whenever I consider giving an update of our lives, I talk myself out of it, because nothing “spectacular” has happened. I’m not pregnant. We’re still doing life in this tiny little house. Still praying and waiting on God for so many things. Just trying to hold our heads above water with all the craziness that comes with raising children. 

However, if you asked my kids, you’d probably hear a different story. 😊

I so wish I could be like them, and see the wonder in the day to day. 

Yesterday we took a “nature walk” in our backyard (which is hard to do when you don’t exactly live in the woods). Matthew immediately found this little creature and took a picture. I was impressed how he did the fading in the background, which was pure accident, but still pretty cool. In their minds we had really gone on this adventure and they were beaming for the rest of the evening.

Keira has been studying Ancient History for school this year, and I love seeing her excitement about everything we are learning. She was showing me how the Mayan Number system worked last week, and I told her how impressed I was. She replied, “Yeah, that’s what happens when you have a daughter way ahead of you!” Did I mention how humble she is? *cough*

And let’s not forget this little guy. He makes life an adventure. His vocabulary has exploded, and I love hearing tidbits of what’s going on in his little mind. Keira and Matthew like to zoom down the lane on their bikes, leaving Elijah in the dust on his tricycle. He’ll sadly say, “Everybody leavin’ me….” That’s Elijah in a nutshell. Small, but determined not to be left out. 

I’m hoping to get back in the habit of posting more regularly, even if it means using my phone until we get something better. My life may be a yawn for some, but if you’re like me and smack in the middle of the mundane, maybe you can get a laugh, or an occasional cry. 

I’m off to another day of teaching, cleaning, baking, folding piles and piles laundry, and little backyard adventures, and I’m perfectly ok with that! 

DIY Sidewalk Chalk Paint

DIY Sidewalk Chalk Paint

One of the fun things about being a Homeschool family, is that we are always looking for new ways to learn and review what we’ve learned. The boys are still none the wiser, but Keira has caught on. We’ll be mid activity, and she’ll say, “We’re learning, aren’t we?”
Bahaha. I came across this awesome activity on Instagram, and we decided to try it right away. One of my favorite things about our home, is our large back patio. It’s the perfect spot for sidewalk chalk, so I knew sidewalk chalk paint would be awesome too! 

You will need: 

-1 cup cornstarch 

-1 cup water 

-food coloring 

-muffin tin 

-paint brushes 

Whisk the cornstarch and water in a glass bowl. Microwave for 30 seconds, and whisk again until smooth. 

Ladle mixture into a muffin tin. We were able to fill up 9 holes. 

Add food coloring to each hole. 

We had fun with this, and it was great review for mixing colors. 

Aren’t those colors beautiful? 

Paint on a sidewalk, driveway or patio. 

The kids loved this, and I may have even painted a little 😁

That face 💜

We had some old medicine droppers, and the kids had fun making the paint “rain” on the patio. 

The paint came off easily by spraying the patio down with a hose! 

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I’m a bad blogger, so here’s some randomness. 

I’ve been a terrible blogger lately. All I can say is, my kids have needed me. For the past week and half, I’ve had at least 1 sick kid in the house. We’ve dealt with fevers and puke buckets, and rainy day after rainy day. We somehow trudged though. 


The sun finally came out too. Hallelujah. I try not to whine about the weather too much, because the weather isn’t up to me, it’s up to God. I’m glad that rain spurt seems to be over though. That’s not whiny, is it? 

My kids did manage to be well enough to be in Mom’s wedding last week. Once she has seen all her pics, I want to do a whole post with tons of pictures about the wedding. It was absolutely beautiful! Here are a few pics of my family from the big day.

My little family!
Beautiful Babies!
My sister(Sara),Keira, and me!
It wasnt’t our wedding,but we sneaked in a few kisses!

We finished school for the year! Keira is a second grader! We will be doing some light review and fun reading this summer, but other than that, our mornings will be laid back and fun. Keira needs a break. Mama really needs a break. 

I was able to enjoy coffee on the porch this morning with my kiddos, without stressing about starting school. The kids watched our neighbors bale hay. It was my kind of morning. I stepped inside to grab something, and turned around to this;

Keira has a copy of “Pride and Prejudice” she’s been carrying around and “reading” for a couple days. She’s been trying to put together sentences and finding Mr. Darcy’s name. Funny, I always look for him in the movie. ❤️

Speaking of movies…to pass the time while Keira was sick, we watched the Anne of Green Gables movies. She has been listening to the audio books, and was tickled to see what the characters are supposed to look like. I’m going to get really corny, but there is so much wisdom in those movies. I seriously might do a blog post on all the awesome lessons I overlooked from Anne Shirley in the past. 

Elijah has decided he hates his crib, and the floor is the place to be. I stuck a clean, unused wash tub in the living room, and he loves it! It keeps him off the floor, and reduces the risk of getting trampled. When he gets sleepy, he climbs on up in there and falls asleep. He’s a quirky little fella!

Hope you all have a great Memorial Day weekend! I’m working on a list of recipes I want to post next week! I’m hoping for a productive weekend and healthy children! 

This year, like every year, we talked big about how we hate Air Conditioning, and we weren’t going to put it in this year. It only took a couple days of it hitting 86 degrees in the house to change our tunes. We always crack by Memorial Day. It’s like a Sours Memorial Day tradition now. Looks like tomorrow we’ll be dragging AC units out of the building. We know how to party. 

Sorry for the randomness! If you know me, you’re used to it. If you don’t know me, get used to it! 

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Fancy Day 

Fancy Day 

My little girl is turning 7 tomorrow! It’s unbelievable to me! I remember being on the way to the hospital 7 years ago today, and I was a complete bundle of nerves! Here she is, all grown up and such a sweet girl! 

We have a Fancy Nancy book, where they have “Fancy Day” at school. We decided that we would try that when it was our turn to host Homeschool Group. Her Birthday was the perfect excuse to give it a go! I was out of my comfort zone, as I tend to be a bull in a china shop, but I made it work! 

We broke out the beautiful tea set my Mom gave Keira for Christmas a couple years ago. 

Our menu included mint tea, sausage cheese bites, pizza rolls and pink goldfish crackers, because we’re refined like that. 

We did have some little pink miniature cupcakes! Perfect for a fancy afternoon of tea drinking! We sang Happy Birthday, and Keira was gifted with two new lovely dresses and an adorable pocket book. 

We had an amazing time, as we always do with these special families.